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So many things. :)

Cocktail: KRE
Date: 01/22/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Weee my initals. :3

Camera of days gone by.
Date: 01/23/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Josh brought over his great grandfather's brownie target six-20. A amazing and simple camera. I'm going to get film for it to put on the 620 spool still inside. But it's going to have to wait till I see how much money I have. I'm excieted and I can't wait. :3

Date: 01/24/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Our weird little plants are flowering. To get Macro I used the reverse lens technique.

Camera Equip
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: I got new stuff!! :3 YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
A Opteka 70" Tripod and a Sigma 55-200mm f/4-5.6

Location: San Diego CA
Notes: My new equip is lovely!!! :3 EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! <3 Because I missed the 25th this photo is to take it's place. :)

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