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Kitty to Doh

Kitty Cave
Date: 01/30/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Some how Momma Cat made her self a kitty cave. :3

Coconut Grass Jelly Ice
Date: 01/31/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Nothing like Tea Station in the early morning hours. This is Coconut Grass Jelly Ice, the from the top: icecream, beans, ice, black jelly, all with a sweet coconut flavor going through. I don't like the bean part so I got rid of that. D:

Oh sunny day, brighten up the way
Date: 02/01/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Just a nice day for kitty to nap. Photo's a HDR.

Date: 02/02/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: My Drawing Skills are a little shotty. But I can still do it. I was trying to draw a character of mine but it just didn't come out like I liked. :/

Faved Donuts
Date: 02/03/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: I fav'd. Homer Simpson can't be wrong. Even white boy's got to shout baby got eclair!
Oh you got to admit this is amazing: http://www.flickr.com/groups/real_world_flickr/

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