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forget the spanish; Genetics and Rain

Date: 01/21/09
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: Just looking at some family history. This is one half that had been missing for most of my life. The other half I was working on through find a grave. I wonder of my ancestors lives.

Windshield Rain
Location: San Diego CA
Notes: It kind of rained today. Which was nice. :) It's been trying to find a place that developed 110 film which isn't here, they get sent out to be processed. So I'm thinking once I get my GED/High School diploma I'm going to find a course on photo processing. Maybe go to a university for it and major in photography. It would also be nice to draw too. I also went to walgreens, it's $17.99 for polaroid, but if you go to walmart it's $15.00. Black and white 35mm film is $12 at walgreens too. I want to dable in black and white film. I wonder the look. I've ordered a Lomo Fisheye camera and I'm thinking black and white and fish eye. But again we will see once I get the camera and then I'll buy the film and take Chris (I'm angry at Chris right now so fuck him) my mom out for happy hour at happy sushi. :)
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